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Metallic Pleated Top & Magenta Pink Pleated Drape Ready To Wear Saree - RTW01191

Metallic Pleated Top & Magenta Pink Pleated Drape Ready To Wear Saree - RTW01191

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Description: Indulge in the essence of celestial allure with our Metallic Pleated Top and the mesmerizing Pleated Drape Ready-To-Wear Saree. This ensemble effortlessly unites modern glamour with the timeless sophistication of pleated designs, ensuring you become an embodiment of opulence and elegance. Adorned in this exquisite creation, you'll grace every occasion with an air of regal charm, embracing both convenience and resplendent style.
It is recommended to wear a tube or spaghetti top since the as fabric is stretchable and does not have lining.
This drape saree has silt in bottom part if you wish you can wear leggings it also does not have lining to maintain its stretchability.
Fabrics: Metallic pleated foil shimmer fabric.
How To Wear: Its a 2 piece ready to wear wrap around outfit, tuck it at waist with help of given hooks  palloo & wrap it around and tuck at shoulder. It has pullover stretchable top.
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Wash Care: Suggested dry wash.

Product  Code: RTW01191

Fall Finishing In Saree Is Additionally Charged 200/- Whatsapp Here To Add

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